Chia Yan Wei

Trained in photography and industrial design, Yan Wei finds it only natural to use all her senses together with her heart and mind on a daily basis to observe, experience and understand the changing world around her and the people living and growing in it.

As chairperson of the photographic society during her school days, she received the Kripalani Award for her contribution to the Creative Arts in Junior College. She continues to be very much immersed in the creative arts today and has since exhibited in Objectifs, the Arts House, the Drama Centre as well as the National Library.

A firm believer in the value of creative education, she teaches design and photography courses with Objectifs as well as Arts Education Programmes with the Lindy Hop Ensemble (Singapore) in various schools in Singapore. She was also involved in the 2009 Inside Out II project, teaching migrant workers to tell their stories through photography.

Currently working as a photographer and designer, she thrives with collaborations in and around the creative community. Yan Wei continues to deal with memories, impressions and perceptions in her personal work.


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